RevVideo - Backwards video creator cam with filters for Vine and Instagram

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Photo & Video

Version: 1.7

Downloads: 15K

Price: Free

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App description:

RevVideo - Create, Watch and Share amazing Videos playing backwards. Add a Music track that would fade in to create an amazing Music Video.

Is that it? 

No. You have a choice of around 10 amazing filters, that can be added to the Videos. Save and Share it with your friends on Social Media, have fun.

- Pick a Video from Gallery or Record a new one. Wait for the Reverse video to process.
- Add Cool filters to the Reversed Video by swiping to the left or right.
- Add Music to Video
- Adjust play speed
- Share with your Friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip: You will certainly enjoy reversing the Slo Mo Videos from your gallery. Give it a try!

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