Daily Sales Tracker-Sales Items,Storage, Inventory

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Category: Finance

Version: 3.5

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App description:

DailySales simple and practical! Sales Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Financial Management.

According to the supplier customer demographics date of receivables and payables. Customers and suppliers arrears management, Running account management

This is a sale of products to help users, purchase statistical applications.

Main features:
- iCloud Sync & Backup
- CSV data export
- Touch ID & password protection
- Multiple reports
- Personal financial management

- Entry fast, save too much text input process, providing more choices to add
- Count the number of products to calculate the total amount of products
- Unlimited add supplier, customer account
- Unlimited Add Category, Sub category
- Details: inventory number, purchase, sales, profits
- Sales and stock chart statistical analysis
- Calculate the cost of products

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