F18 Robot Aircraft - The Steel Winged Navy Fighter Free

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Games

Version: 1.0

Downloads: 134

Price: Free

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App description:

Shoot the enemy and travel through the galaxy!

Shoot planes as many as you can!

Immerse yourself in a space environment aboard an aircraft 

where your goal is to shoot waves of enemies!

Take charge and attack the brutal Planes. 

It’s time for Action; Fight Fiercely, Strike Hard,

Equip with 3D Guns and shoot like Hell. Bring Down the Copters with 3D

Destructive Guns.

- Unique, colorful 2D graphics

- Incredible animation effects

- Use the on/off sounds and music buttons

- Support of high resolution displays

- Realistic physics

- Roar of aircraft engine and cool special effects and in-game music"""

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