Finance+ toshl finance - save money, budget, track expenses and bills the fun way (income statement and balance sheet)

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Version: 1.0

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App description:

If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you and it's free! 

This toshl finance helps you to track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different categories, such as income, food, entertainment. You can view detailed report for each month in beautiful graphs and find all transactions easily. Try it yourself to see more features, you'll love it!

- Add income/expense transactions under different category
- Add customize spending category name
- Add transactions quickly
- Instant summary in table and graph
- Passcode lock
- View history records and compare them
- Separate graph report for income or expense alone
- Build-in instant currency converter for more than 100 currencies !
- Auto alarm to notice you to pay bill, house loan etc.

Why wait ? Download and try it ! It could make your life quite different !

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