Theday Holy Bible Verses - Holybible Inspirational Spirit nlt Verse Quote & Scripture

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Theday Holy Bible Verses was created to assist believers in being reminded, strengthened and encouraged by God's Word on a daily basis. Choose from over 45 helpful topics, and 10 Bible Translations to help YOU understand God's Word on a deeper level. With Theday Holy Bible Verses, the scripture you need is delivered straight to your device, so you won't ever have to worry about forgetting.

• Choose your own topic, translation and time and receive a verse from God's Word each day directly on your phone!

• Be reminded of God's Word wherever you are, and whenever you want!


• Supports: ESV, NASB, KJV, CEV, GNT...and more!
• Be Reminded of God's Word Everyday!
• Save Favorite Verses
• Send verses to Twitter, Facebook, and Email
• Over 50 Topics to choose from
• Support for selecting multiple topics


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