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Version: 5.7.9

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App description:

Vimo - All about video editing!
Vimo is a powerful video editor app that provides all the features you need when editing a video.
Controlling aspect ratios, transition animations, Ken-Burn effects, 700+ motions stickers, 60+ motion texts, pre-defined templates, background music, voice recording, sound effects, image filters, 8-way color adjustments, speed control of video clips, creating motion photos and so on.
All these features are available in Vimo.

* Main Features
▶Video editing:
   Supports Resizing, Splitting, Trimming, Duplicating, Cutting, Speed control of video clips, reversing play direction, image filters, 8-way color adjustments and more.
▶Audio editing:
   Supports multi-track audio.
   Supports Background music, Voice recording, Sound effects, fade in/out effects and more.
▶Aspect Ratio control:
  Supports a range of pre-defiined aspect ratios - 1:1, 16:9, 9:16
  You can also the whole video to fit into the aspect ratio of the first frame.
▶Motion Stickers:
   Provides 800+ motion stickers. 
   You can easily control the path of a motion sticker as you want.
▶Motion Texts: 
  60+ Animated texts labels whose path can be easily controlled.
▶Video Resolution: 
  Vimo supports upto 4K video resolution (3840x2160 pixels).
▶No Watermark: 
  Vimo no longer adds Watermark in the final video.

* Detail Descriptions
▷Video editing features:
   Vimo supports all the functions for video editing and that’s easy to use.
      - Controlling Aspect Ratio.
      - Resizing, Splitting, Cutting, Trimming and Duplication of video clips.
      - Controlling speed of video clips.
      - Controlling play directions.
      - Transition animations between video clips.
      - Flipping and Rotating of video clips.
      - Ken-Burns function that lets you to reposition and zoom in/out the video as you want.

▷Audio editing features:
   In Vimo, you can add as many audio-tracks as you want.
   Each track can hold background music, sound effects, voice recordings.
       - Vimo provides lots of background music (including downloadable assets).
       - You can also use songs in iTunes library as a background music.
       - Supports one-touch voice recording interface.
       - Lots of free sound effects included.

▷Motion stickers & texts
    Vimo provides 700+ motion stickers and 60+ motion text labels.
    These are designed as vector graphics so you can freely zoom in/out the stickers without degrading the quality.
      - All the stickers and labels are tagged and categorized for easier access.
      - Supports many customization options: resizing, flipping, rotation, colors, duration and more.
      - You can easily edit the path of a motion sticker as you want.

▷Screen Adjustments:
     - Support 20+ image filters for improved video quality.
     - Supports 8 way color adjustments for detail retouch.
         Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Vibrance, Highlight, Shadow, Sharpness.

▷Exporting & Sharing:
    Vimo supports up to 4K (3840x2160) resolution video.
    No watermarks.
    You can share the video directly to SNS.
        - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Messengers and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Vimo app, please let us know immediately.
We are always listening to our customers.

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