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Ganjineh is a valuable and chosen collection of islamic books which they are some of the greatest references of SHIA muslims all around the world.
These valuable collection includes

----- * Quran * Nahj-Albalqe * Sahife-Sajjadieh * Mafatih-Al-Janan * Resaleh-Amalieh * -------
Some features of Ganjineh that can be named are such as:

• Ability to choose and support four language as default language(English,Spanish,Persian and Arabic).
• Supporting different kinds of font in User’s preferred size for arabic content and translation,separately.
• Having lists for each book separately in order to easy acces to books contents. also search possibility on each list.
• ability to mark every verse in books as user’s favorite.
• User can put a note on every verse of the book.
• ability to share every verse Using Email or sms.
• Users can put bookmark on each book separately.
download and playing every Surah voices with different reciter.
• Fast & easy access to particular Hezb or Joz or to a Surah with preferred number.
• Fast & easy access to favorite marked contents or notes separately.
• ability to search all over the book.
• One of the Special and most important features of Ganjineh, that distinguishes itself from any other similar app is: Ending Quran.

*(The translation in four languages is only specialized for Quran But all other books are only translated in persian)

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