Mailswipe: process your inbox in seconds & unsubscribe in a swipe

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Productivity

Version: 1.1.6

Downloads: 614

Price: Free

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App description:

Mailswipe is an email triage app to optimize your (small) unoccupied times.

• Process your Inbox in seconds: Full screen preview and 4 actions. Process up to 1 email per second!

• Never forget an email again: Messages moved to "Later" are left unread (default), read+flagged, or read+flagged+archived according to your best practice!

• Unsubscribe from newsletters in a swipe: When a newsletter is detected, swipe down the message and Mailswipe takes care of the unsubscribe process!

• Unified inbox: swipe through all your mailboxes at once. Mailswipe handle Gmail and IMAP mailboxes (including Yahoo and

Mailswipe is a plain vanilla email triage: no fancy Boomerang, GTD gimmick,nor "intelligent" reminders… just get the job done as fast and comfortable as possible. You only have 5 choices:

* Done: you read the message, you get it, no need to see it again.

* Later: you will read it later OR you will process it when you have more time. At any time, you can review the emails in the later box and switch back to the inbox.

* Trash: well… no need to explain ;)

* Voiceback: reply quickly sending a voice message (you can also choose "text reply" in the preferences)

* Unsubscribe: mailswipe detects newsletter an allows you to unsubscribe in a swipe (15 days trial, after this feature require an in-App purchase).

If a message is too big for the screen, you can double-tap to scroll down all the content.

With mailswipe, you can process one email per second, swiping them up/right/left/down (you can also display 4 buttons if you are an 80' Arcade Game fan!).

You can also choose what to do with "Later" and "Done" emails in the preferences.

Mailswipe is free for one GMAIL or IMAP account (including Yahoo! and Multiple accounts and Unsubscribe require an in-App purchase.

TAG: app, iPhone & iPad,Productivity

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