Police radio scanners - The best radio police , Air traffic , fire & weather scanner on line radio stations

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Version: 6.02

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App description:

The most updated and rated police scanner app now has the most stations available and access to exclusive feeds with new ones added by your requests!.

◆◇◆ Key Features ◆◇◆

• Full application !

• Collection of police, fire, airport, railroad, NOAA weather radar and more

• Listen online!
• Run the app in the background and do other things on your device while you listen to the app
• Share with friends.

• Fast loading.
• No registering needed.
• HD animations.
• iPad ready !
• HQ sound.
• Simple, fast and easy to use interface.
• The application runs in the background.

* Note: The app is scanning live police and other radio feeds channels only, sometimes you may not hear the sound of the Walkie Talkie.

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