HanYou - Chinese Recognizer

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Version: 3.5.1

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HanYou is a modern offline Chinese dictionary, including many features to help you read and learn Chinese. HanYou features powerful offline Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, developed in-house and continuously improved over the past 6 years. HanYou's algorithms let you recognize over 13000 Chinese characters in your pictures or with your device camera. Chinese text is detected, recognized and parsed into words in a fraction of a second. Detailed information of each word and Chinese character is then provided such as their pronunciation and their definition in English. HanYou is the perfect companion to help you read books, mangas, signs, menu, and improve your Chinese reading skills while enjoying your favorite reading material. HanYou also has a built-in drawing feature for you to draw and translate Chinese characters on your touch-screen with very high accuracy. 

• Multiple target languages availables: English, German, French and Hungarian
• Search Chinese words from in any kind of input: Traditional / Simplified / Pinyins
• You can also search the other way and input foreign words in the search bar
• Input characters by Keyboard / Drawing / Radicals
• Search words that either start with / end with / contain the query word
• Build vocabulary lists of Chinese words (which you can share as files or text in many ways)
• Listen to the Chinese pronunciation of words through the "Speak" function

• A powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine which lets you translate Chinese characters in images
• HanYou recognizes more that 13000 Chinese characters
• HanYou recognizes both Traditional and Simplified characters
• You can recognize Chinese text with your Live Camera or on Still Pictures (from your camera roll)
• Read either horizontal or vertical Chinese text

• Add Pinyins in Safari! Whenever you are browsing on a web page with Chinese text, tap the "share" button at the bottom and select "HanYou Add Pinyins" to display all pinyins
• Paste some text, or import it from the OCR modes, into the text analyzer to get definitions of each word in the text
• Pinyins are also displayed automatically
• Listen to the Chinese text with the "Speak" function

• Get help from the user community by sharing pictures on the Yomiwa Wall

We are very responsive to your feedback and suggestions: feedback.ios@yomiwa.net

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