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Who doesn’t love a good rant and what better way to share your rant with the social media world than Twitter?   But isn’t it annoying that you have to squeeze your rant into 140 characters?   
But instead of getting angry about it, try the free Rantable app.
Rantable is a revolutionary way to get around the 140 character barrier but still allow you to share your rant on social media.   Your Rants are posted through the Rantable app and automatically shared on Twitter to engage your social media friends and followers.   Other Ranters can then see your Rants and vote using the Rantable app.   Finally you can mark your dislike for something that has been posted on social media.   By using the Rantable app you can easily see the most popular, best and worst rated Rants and Ranters.
Rantable is an app that brings the gap between micro-blogging and tweeting closer together. Before if you wanted to express a well-researched point or argument, Twitter was simply not an option instead blogging sites were. However blogging sites do not come close in comparison with the audience range that Twitter reaches. Even a well-known journalist, writing for a well-established publisher would not connect with the same audience as Twitter. But Rantable figured out a way to bridge that gap with the added benefit of tangible feedback on your opinions at the same time.
Download the free Rantable app today and see what everyone is Ranting about!

Remember, no gripe is too big or too small. If it bothers you, it’s Rantable.
Rantable app features -

   + Rant without 140 character limitation
   + Share your Rants with all your Twitter followers
   + Rate Rants with stars
   + Find the things that are annoying people today
   + See the people that have the best Rants

“Rantable will be one of the hot new apps that becomes a sensation”  Katherine Kenney, PreApps.com

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