Florida/US NOAA Instant Radar Finder/Alert/Radio/Forecast All-In-1 - Radar Now

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Weather

Version: 14.5.9

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App description:

Thank you for your feedback. You want to access radars quickly. Here it is: instant Radar finder.

If you download the app and could not find the radar you are looking for within 10 seconds, go ahead and delete this app. This app is designed to find radars at no time. 

The app is so well designed and it should take less than 3 clicks to find the bus route/bus: 
1. Pick a index: USA and A to Z based upon the state name. 
2. Pick a state 
3. Pick a radar 
And you should see stops and buses instantly. 

Click on "USA" to see the nation and regions radars/radio/image/forecast. 

Click on the yellow menu icon to hide/enable to the route menu to see the full map. 

Click on the "Radio" button to listen the real time radio 

Click on the "Image" button to see the Radar static/loop image. 

Click on the "Regions" to see the alerts and all features listed based upon regions. 

All the radars are refreshed every 3 seconds. 

Built in coffee shop finder for the nearest Starbucks coffee. No inter
net or Wifi is required. Click on the coffee button to show the Starbucks for the route area.

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