Guide for Angry Birds Go : Top strategies, tips, tricks, walkthroughs & more

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Guide for Angry Birds Go! is the best guide available today for the game!
This guide is definitely a must have. It will save you lots of time, resources and boosters within the game and help you win!
Download this guide so that you can have instant access to the following information about the game including Angry Birds Go! Tips, Guide, Tricks, Strategies, Walkthroughs and Solutions.

- Basic Tutorials
- 5 Training Lessons
- Top Tips

- Upgrading Karts
- Getting More Coins
- Unlocking Characters
- Using the Slingshot
- Getting Gems
- Recharging Characters
- Improving Kart CC
- Powers in the Game
- Changing Characters and Karts
- How to double your coins
- The Racing Line
- Timing
- Use the slingshot
- Acceleration and top Speed
- Secret Codes
And Much More!

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