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Most romantic love stories contains more than 20 true love stories from all over the world. Everyone searching for true love in the world. Love if we define the word than its just the most precious time of life, the feelings that never ends, the beauty that never get dull, relation that is above all relations. Get amazed and romantic with the true lovers stories in this world with its historical heritage. Application contains Story of below characters: - Romeo and Juliet
- Cleopatra and Mark Antony
- Lancelot and Guinevere
- Tristan and Isolde
- Paris and Helena
- Orpheus and Eurydice
- Napoleon and Josephine
- dysseus and Penelope
- Paolo and Francesca
- Jane Eyre and Rochester
- Layla and Majnun
- Eloise and Abelard
- Pyramus and Thisbe
- Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy
- Salim and Anarkali
- Pocahontas and John Smith
- Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
- Queen Victoria and Prince Albert 
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