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Category: Photo & Video

Version: 6.0

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Effect Cam themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity.
Whether you are looking for special effects or light leak, you will find it all in Effect Cam.

» A Photographer's MUST-HAVE Utility.
» Created Casual beauty image.
» Get a artistic and beautiful light leaks photo.
» Select including sticker, border, artwork, totem, icon and illustrations.
» Celebrate, encourage, congratulate, say happy birthday.
» Easily replace images with your own photos in templates.
» Perfect tone, color, contrast and fade.
» Design photos to create your unique style.
» Enhance your images with magic light effects.
» Resize, flip and rotate images.

Designed for iPhone X and New UI and features, Effect Cam is now officially 4 years old! 
We've packed a ton of new features and content into this release, and we hope you love it!

+ We will continue to improve Effect Cam, thank you for your use.
+ Designed for iPhone X, Effect Cam gives you the best experience on iPhone X as well.
+ Effect Cam official website: https://effectcam.weebly.com
+ japanappshow@gmail.com

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