Selfie Fx Camera Effects Picture Editor

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Selfie Fx Camera Effects Picture Editor

Advanced Special Effects Camera & image editing controls, filters, borders, text, drawing, overlays and so much more. You will be amazed by these camera options.

** Picture Capture Camera Options ** 

Split picture : Takes a single picture with the forward facing camera, then takes a single picture with the rear facing camera. Both pictures are then merged into a single picture side by side. 

Camera Countdown : With a single tap of the finger the countdown starts, at the end of the countdown the image is captured by your choice of cameras. Works with both cameras, perfect for Selfie Pictures. 

Import Image : Import any of your images into the application. This allows you to edit photos that were taken outside of the application taken by any camera.

Instant Switch : Change between cameras with a simple tap while inside app. 

** Image Effect Quick Filter Effects ** 

Pre set image filters allow for easy creation of stunning photo effects. 
Pencil sketch : Turn any photo into a pencil Sketch drawing. 

Cartoon : Turn any photo into a cartoon like Picture. 

Emboss : Sharpen and raise the highlight of any image to give greater depth. 

Diffuse : Blur your image just enough, without loosing image clarity.

Invert : Will change your image to a negative photo. 

Plus so Much More... 

** Picture Editor Slider Effects ** 

USER TIP: Touch and hold the slide button, then drag slowly right to left. 

Prefer to have complete Control... Slight adjustments to major changes are all within a little slide. 

Brightness : Change the dark or light images into the perfect balance to create the perfect lighting. A lot of pictures taken with the regular camera look dark and gritty. This option will bring out the right balance.

Contrast : Allow for the undertones or highlights to truly capture the light. 

Saturation : Colors will pop off your pictures as you slide your way to the perfect selfie. 

** Color Overlay Picture Editor Effects ** 

USER TIP: Touch and slide your finger on the color wheel till you are on the perfect color. If you want to change colors after a color has been selected, hit reset after each color change. 

Add a color overlay to any picture or image. This option is amazing as you can overlay your pictures with any color in the rainbow. Full controls over alpha "transparency" allows for less or more color while using the editor. 

** Picture Effects & Image Overlay Editor ** 

36 Effects are included for free. Included effects are a full mix from fire to water. These picture effects are sure to make your selfie and regular camera images stand out. 

We will be adding to these effects through updates for every holiday, as well as offering in app purchases for more effects. 

** Borders & Round Corners Effects Editor ** 

You can adjust the style of any camera picture from square to round and everything in between. Add color to your border by selecting from a full spectrum color wheel. Control drop shadow 360 degrees.

** Text & Word Editor ** 

Add anything you want to your camera pictures. You have full control over size, color and alpha. Move, change and rotate with easy adjust controls. Add text in multiple areas, in different colors and alphas. Easy edit by tapping edit text button.

** Draw & Paint Editor ** 

USER TIP: Add spot color overlay by moving alpha slider down to 50% and moving paint brush size to 100%. Touch picture and without lifting your finger slide back and forth.  

Brush size : Choose from the smallest pencil to a large paint brush. 

Alpha : Control the transparency of your paint to allow your main picture to shine through. 

Drop shadow : Let the paint jump off your picture by adding depth to your brush strokes. 

** Built in Flash Light ** 

USER TIP: With the forward facing camera selected, tap the flash icon " top left ", then tap " ON ", your all set.

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