Ultimate Guide for Terraria - Mods, Maps,Walkthrough,Crafting, Recipes, Building, Items, and Survival Tips(Unoffical)

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Terraria is truly fantastic a game of adventure but it can be pretty complicated. It is now available on the PC, Xbox and PS3 with more systems coming soon. That’s why every Terraria adventurer needs just one guide for all platforms. That’s exactly what this app does. The Ultimate Terraria Guide has been newly updated to cover all the Terraria goodness!

From items to enemies to bosses and so much more, quickly scroll the listing to find what object you are encountering. Each item type has specific information you need to survive like damage ratings, max life and defense.

Features Include:
- Quick access to all Terraria’s objects.
- Images, descriptions and data ratings
- Mechanics, NPC’s and Environments
- Enemies, Bosses
- Hundreds of Item listings

Update coming soon!

Get the first and still the best Terraria guide on the app store today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at it4apps@gmail.com. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Ultimate Terraria Guide even better.

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