Box MP3 - Music Manager & Ringtone.s Maker from Cloud Drives

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Music

Version: 2.2

Downloads: 1534

Price: Free

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App description:

Manage and play your music from Dropbox OneDrive GoogleDrive.  

√ File manager 
- Folders manager 
- Move, rename or delete files 
- Sort by name, type, size, date 
- Import Music from Music Library
- Search by filename 
- Backup and restore files to\from DropBox,GoogleDrive,OneDrive,Box

√ Playlists 
- New style music playlists 

√ Media player 
- Full featured music player 
- Album covers 
- Lock screen playback controls 
- Fine scrubbing 
- Background music playback (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0 or later)

TAG: app, iPhone & iPad,Music

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