Great Ball-Handling Made Easy! - With Coach Brian McCormick - Full Court Basketball Training Instruction

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This is quite simply the finest instructional APP on teaching ball-handling and moves on the market. Utilizing progressions and step by sep methodology, Coach Brian McCormick teaches the important building block skills all players need to master.
Every youth coach and parent has wondered “How do I teach a crossover dribble?” or “What is the best step-by-step methodology to learn and practice the Fake Crossover Dribble?” or even “What types of Hesitation Dribbles should I be teaching?”
This unique basketball instructional APP provides youth coaches, parents, and players the critical “How To’s” of ball-handling- not just a litany of drills and workouts that involve loads of repetition with absolutely no instruction.
This innovative APP is a multi-skill tool kit that focuses on teaching, practicing, and mastering a dozen fundamental ball-handling skills.

Chapters Include:
•Spin Dribbles,
•Crossover Dribble,
•Hesistation Dribbles,
•Thru-the-Legs Dribbles,
•Fake Crossover Dribble,
•Behind-The-Back Dribble,
•Around-The-Back Dribble,
•Space/Pull Back Crossover Dribble.

•Split-screen views,
•Slow motion footage,
•Multiple camera angles,
•Instructional graphics,
•“Take To The Court” card,

Approx. 45 Minutes

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