Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar (Fertility Calculator, Gender Predictor, Period Tracker)

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Get the best Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar now! OP Calendar predicts your fertility window by tracking your periods so that you can plan ahead for pregnancy.  Use your fertile or less fertile days to your advantage, and take the guesswork out of family planning.

1.Easy to understand user interface
2.Accurately predict your future periods and fertility windows
3.Keep track of your last “fun” encounter
4.Predict your due date if a baby was conceived
5.Custom color choices for high and low fertility days
6.Optional passcode to protect your privacy

The interface is simple to understand and custom color-coded. High fertility days can be shown as green and low fertility days can be shown as red, or vice versa, depending on what is most intuitive to you. This feature is very unique, as other apps have non-custom colors that can be confusing.

Upon inputting the beginning and end of your menstrual cycle, the app does all the complicated calculations for you so you know which days of the month you can let loose and have unprotected “fun” and which days to avoid. The app also incorporates the latest gender prediction theories to let you know which days may result in the conception of a boy or girl.

Menstrual periods and ovulation cycles vary from woman to woman and month to month. This tool should be used as an estimate only and not as a replacement for professional medical advice.

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