Toolkit Free – Flash Light, Battery Saver etc.

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Utilities

Version: 1.5

Downloads: 15K

Price: Free

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App description:

Toolkit provides an assembly of practical tools to make your life more convenient!!! 

In this ultimate toolkit, we are showing you everything needed in daily life. 
Here we go: 
Flashlight: Helps you deal with the darkness 
SOS alarm: Send signals of emergency or cry for help 
Battery Monitor: Shows details of battery you can use 
Mirror: You will feel better is there is a mirror with you 
Ruler: Measure something and achieve accuracy of life 
Magnifier: Open it and you can study those tiny things 

* A wide range of pratical tools are provided 
+ Flashlight 
+ SOS alarm 
+ Battery Monitor 
+ Mirror 
+ Ruler 
+ Magnifier 
* Beautiful and easy-to-use UI 
* Easily turn on or turn off the flashlight 
* A set of themes or backgrounds are available

TAG: app, iPhone & iPad,Utilities

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