Dinosaur Park - Jurassic Dig!

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by Sago Sago
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Meat eaters like T-Rex, herbivores(they just eat vegetables) like the Diplodocus, and predators like Raptor.....12 kinds of dinosaurs’ fossils were buried here. You can see varied shapes of dinosaurs bones. Experience the real Jurassic world through those magic fossils.

Pick up one favorite car then go to the excavated site! Let’s dig dinosaurs fossils, and go back to the Dino Laboratory to assemble them. The cool dinosaurs will be resurrected! Are you eager to see them? Come to Dinosaur Park!

Go to the seaside, plain, desert and rainforest with awoken dinosaurs. From excavating fossils to surprising adventures. Kids will know about the dinosaurs’ behavior from the place they left behind.

Now, pick up your favorite car to dig the dinosaurs fossils!

>  12 kinds of dinosaurs and fossils
>  Go to the seaside, desert and many more with different dinosaurs
>   Fun sounds and animations make the dinosaur come to life
>  The hidden surprises and imaginative things to find
>  Suitable for preschool children, 0-5 years old
>  No Third party advertising

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