Adoo Ultimate List Maker for To-Do, Task Manager, grocery lists and errands planner

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Productivity

Version: 1.05

Downloads: 1546

Price: Free

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App description:

The simple mobile to-do app that gets things done with the swipe of your finger.

We call it "Swipe-to-done."

Adoo is a new way to manage your daily to-do’s with a swipe instead of the old school checkmark box. Simply swipe to-do’s to the left to complete them and to the right to prioritize them between Today, Next and Later. Add in a one-liner to-do description or add in detailed notes. Tap, hold and move your to-do up or down to help organize your to-do list.

With the paid version of Adoo you can categorize your tasks by color, add in a picture to help remember just what it is you were supposed to pick up and add a reminder notification with the built-in timer.

Adoo makes getting things done - and being extra productive - as easy as a swipe. Swipe-to-done. It’s that simple. 

It’s never been easier to “Say Adieu to Your To-Do’s.”

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