Easy Family Budget Planner

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Finance

Version: 5.0

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Price: Free

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App description:

Do you want to plan and keep track of your income and expenses?
Tired of complex apps with too many unnecessary features?
Especially for you, a simple and very user-friendly application "My Finances".
With it your budget will be under control!

◊ Description
Pretty design, easy to use, intuitive navigation, useful graphical reports, the ability to view the archives for past periods.
All this and more is waiting for you!
Try it yourself!

◊ Usage
Create any categories of expenses: car, vacation, food, etc.
For each category, add items of expenditure: the category of "car" - gasoline, car wash, etc.
Plan your income, input the salary, bonuses, etc.
Make a report for any period of your income and expenses.

◊ Advantages
- Easy to use and easy to navigate;
- Nice and stylish design;
- Categories, currency limits and operating expenses on a single screen;
- Quick and easy to add a transaction;
- Useful graphical reports;

In this app you can add three categories of expense and income. To increase the number of categories there is a in app purchase.

◊ Contact Us

If you have any questions, found a bug or there's something you'd like to see in a future update, send an email to mail@rsios.com

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