iPhone 5 For Dummies, Portable - Official How To Book, Interactive Inkling Edition

Platform: iPhone & iPad

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Version: 3.5.3

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App description:

Mastering your iPhone just got even easier with the interactive edition of iPhone 5 For Dummies, Portable, on Inkling. Along with everything from the print book, this version includes only-with-Inkling extras, such as embedded videos, zoomable figures and images, a powerful search engine, and more.

Optimized for each device, your favorite resource for learning something new is now always at your fingertips. As a universal app, you pay one price to get the book on all of these devices. Whether watching a video on your iPad or looking up a word on your iPhone, iPhone 5 For Dummies, Portable, on Inkling is a better way to learn.

Top features for iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC:

* Embedded Video: Inkling’s version is loaded with 12 videos that dive deeper into the book's concepts and tips, all just a tap away.
* High-resolution Images: Complex images are rendered beautifully and cleanly on Inkling as separate figure. Just tap to zoom in on different sections.
* Links: Anything that looks tappable, is. Instantly go to another section, or learn more from the embedded poplink. You can even go directly to websites mentioned anywhere in the book.
* Search: Can’t remember the who, what, when or where? Search anything, and Inkling looks through the whole book—as well as Google and Wikipedia.  
* Notebook for bookmarks and highlights: Make highlights, and bookmark anything, including pages, figures and websites. It’s all saved to your notebook that lives inside your guide for easy reference.

Bonus feature on iPad, PC & Mac:
* Notes: It’s easy to make notes anywhere in the book that can even include web links. All notes are also saved to your guide’s searchable and personalized notebook.

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