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App description:

Create and program your workouts with music! Yes, you read that right.

Dream, imagine and create any crazy workout you can come up with. Set it to music, have it talk back to you or set audio beeps to notify you where you are in your workout without constantly looking at the screen or those pieces of paper you use (umm lose) right now. 

The ultimate and only workout app for people serious about reaching their peak fitness potential. Beautifully crafted, easy to use, feature packed and backed by exceptional customer support. You'll love it. 

Workouts+ is ready to use out of the box and comes loaded with exercise plans for popular exercises, just select one and off you go. These include

+ Tabata
+ Mountain Climbers
+ Advanced Tabata
+ Kettlebell Swings
+ Advanced HIIT
+ Walking
+ Running
+ Stretches
+ Calisthenics
+ Basic Plyometrics
+ Advanced Plyometrics
+ Basic Kettlebell
+ Advanced Kettlebell
+ Kettlebell Circuit
+ Bodyweight Circuits
+ Gym Days
+ Slow-Fast Bike
+ Plank
+ 5 by 5
+ 4 by 8
+ 7 Minute Workout

Get Workouts+ today and tailor it to your work out needs, you will absolutely positively love it.

We would absolutely love to hear what you like or hate about the app. For any ideas, suggestions, complaints write to us at

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