Office Reader Pro: For Microsoft Office

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Version: 3.0

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Office Reader Pro is a powerful ALL IN ONE Office Suite for Microsoft Office with PDF Expert included: Ability to create, edit & open Word documents; create Spreadsheet files; ability to annotate and highlight documents, fill-in forms and sign documents, draw graphics and sketches then share with friends; ability to scan multipage document into high quality PDF. 

1. Word Processor (open, create and edit word files (doc & docx) 
2. Spreadsheets creator (create excel file on the go) 
3. Draw pad for ink notes (Draw and sketch ideas on blank sheets or on existing documents) 
4. Full-featured PDF annotation and forms (annotate & highlight pdf document, fill-in forms and sign documents)
5. Scan books and images to multipage PDF documents.

. PDF Converter (Convert Word files to PDF)
. Audio recorder. 
. Email multiple files 
. Zip or compress multiple files 
. Secret folder (password protected folder) 
. Template letters (Resume templates, Invoice and more) 
. File Manager (Manage securely all your files in one app)
. Sync to Cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and WiFi.  

VERY IMPORTANT: Please email us directly in the App, WE CANNOT REPLY ON REVIEW page of iTunes App Store.

* Open, Create, view and Edit Word documents on the go. 
* Edit imported Word document or any Rich Text files. 
* Convert Word document into PDF. 
* Create and view Spreadsheet on the go. 
* PDF Highlighter and annotations. 
* Record lectures or audio comments on PDF document. 
* Freehand Writing style and predefined shapes. 
* Fill in Forms and Sign documents (Tax or Insurance). 
* Scan images to multi-page PDF document. 
* 20+ ready to use document and business letter templates, 
* Draw graphics and sketches. 
* Snap a photo, mark it up with shapes and text then share with friends. 
* Secret folders for photo and files. 
* Record audio notes. 
* Record Video notes. 
* Backup of documents. 
* Multiple File Format supported 
* File renaming 
* Multi-selection file moving, copying, deleting, renaming, compressing. 
* Multi-selection file to ZIP compression 
* Multi file/folder email sending 
* Folder creation 
* Files compression with ZIP 

Create Word Documents with such formatting features as: 
* Font type, color, and size 
* Bulleted lists 
* Tables and cells 
* Bold, italics, and underlining 
* Text alignment (left, center, and right) 
* Predefined format for magazine and book 
* Spell checker 
* Dictionary 

  * Create on the go spreadsheets 
  * Functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sin, etc... 
  * Edit spreadsheets created in Office & PDF Expert 
  * Change font size & colour, cell colour, underline, etc... 

PDF Documents: 
* Read, Edit and Annotate PDFs 
* Sign documents 
* Fill-in PDF forms 
* Edit fields and checkboxes 
* Highlighters & stamps, customize colors 
* Attach images 
* Add text 
* Freehand writing 
* Attach audio files to PDF document 

Draw & Sketch: 
* Draw on a blank page, photo, map, web page, or documents (including Word, PPT & excel) 
* Choose highlighters and ink pens, customize your colours 
* Type notes 
* Use your finger or a stylus to draw or write 
* Add photo 
* Cut, copy, paste 
* Sketch a photograph 
* Share by email, print, Facebook and Twitter 

Scan Multi-page documents: 
* Scan Multipage Forms, Fill and Sign directly in the App. 
* Adjust Frame before cropping and saving document. 
* Crop and Rotate the document before saving 
* Filter the document, Color, Black & white and Darker Options 
* Print the Document or Sync with Dropbox 
* Quick capture “Single Page Mode” 

Business Letter Templates 
* Cover Letter 
* Interview Prep List 
* Sample Resume 
* Introduction Letter 
* Contract for the Sale of Goods 
* and more.. 

This application supports 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russia, Danish, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

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