21K Pro - Run Your First Half Marathon from 10K

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21K Pro is an ultimate couch to Half Marathon run training for 10K experienced runners. It will assist you to accomplish 21K (13 miles) in 15 weeks. It can increase your max running distance to a full 21K by incremental training. This is your best coach to get you in shape in most effective and intuitive manner.

• Comprehensive and Effective 
 - Guide you to accomplish 21K (13 miles, Half Marathon) in 15 weeks
 - Increase your max running distance by incremental training
 - Developed by fitness professionals, a must-have 21K trainer app
 - Gain more muscular endurance and strength
 - 15 weeks in total, workout 3 days per week
 - Each workout session lasts 40-130 minutes
 - Alternate between walking and jogging
 - 5 minutes warmup and 5 minutes cooldown
• Gain Endless Motivation
 - Instantly view your achievements as you finish training
 - View your progress towards your goals in visual graph
 - Animated graph and cursor to show your progress
 - Get badges and rewards upon accomplishment of each task
 - Color coded information that distinguish the workout status
 - Special design to show your accomplishments and achievements
• Easy and Enjoyable to Use
 - Detailed steps for every exercise
 - Simple with streamlined user interface
 - Audio Coach tells when to walk / run
 - Start the training program from the beginning or any point
 - Repeat / redo workouts at any point
 - Listen to your favorite music while exercising with more fun
 - Workout tips for beginners
 - FAQ to help you get best trained
• Settings
 - Set reminder to remind your exercise time
 - Turn on / off audio coach
 - Select male / female audio coach
• Share 
 - Post your achievements and progress to Twitter and Facebook
 - Email your achievements and progress to your friends

This app is built to help you to run the 21K distance nonstop from 10K. It will guide you through the whole training step-by-step using a walk/run routine. This app especially suits for 10K experienced runners who are striving to get a toned body in perfect shape.

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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