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Time-Limited Special Offer 

Image Exif View is a useful tool to view the metadata (Exif, IPTC) stored in image files.
With dragging file(s) to Image Exif Viewer or icon on the Dock, You can easily view and compare the metadata of image files you taken by cameras or smartphones.

Notic: Want to change Image Exif data ? try our product Image Exif Editor:

Main Features:

1. Support most image formats:
    jpeg, png,dxv, cr2, crw, mrs, tiff, dng, nef, pef, sr2, srw, orf,
    pgf, raf, eps, xmp, gif, psd, tga, bmp, jp2 and so on.

2.  Visible GPS geolocation and camera information
    you can easily find where you token your photo on th map in
    Image Exif View; You can also see the visible camera setting  when taken this photo, in the Exposure tab.

3.  Just type to search what you are interested in metadatas
    just type the key words of the metadata tag or anything you are
    interested in metadata, Image Exif View will show you the results in
    red color, so just type to find what you want.

4. Easy to compare to image's metadata
    you can open many images by just drag images to the icon on the Dock,
    to compare the difference between images. You can  conveniently drag
    image on the image viewing to replace it.

5. Copy the Exif information for further use
    you can easily copy the image's metadata to further use.

NOTICE:  Images with no exif data will see no exif info when imported 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

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