Private Photo+Video+Note Vault - Protect secret photos, videos, notes, documents, and passwords in a secure fake calculator folder

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Utilities

Version: 2.0

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App description:

An iPhone calculator that works – and looks! – exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. The calculator then turns into a private storage app in which you can hide your most secret photos, videos, notes, and more. There is also a private web browser included that does not save any history on your phone and allows you to save secret bookmarks within the app. 

Some of the features: 
- Save your secret photos and videos 
- Write and store private notes 
- Import and view top-secret files (.doc,.ptp,.xls,etc.) from your computer 
- Store contacts you don't want in your regular address book 
- Save all your passwords in one place 
- Browse the internet without leaving any traces 
- Make secret website bookmarks 
- And, of course, a great calculator app! :-)

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