Hancom Office Mobile

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Business

Version: 9.40.13

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Price: $19.99

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App description:

■ Overview
Hancom Office Mobile is mobile office program. It designed for the iPhone/iPad with Hancom office 2014 architecture. It can read and edit the Hanword(.hwp)/Hancell(.cell)/Hanshow(.show) document and the other formats including doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pptx.

■ System requirements (Recommended)
-OS : iOS 9.0 or later 
-Device : iPad 4th generation, iPhone 6 or later

■ Supporting Languages
Korean / English / Japanese / Germany / Chinese / French / Italian / Polish / Portuguese (Portugal) / Spanish / Swedish / Persian

■ Key Features
1. Improved compatibility between office document files.
2. Support hwpx format.
3. Improve UI
 - Improved UI of tool-bar format
 - Provide various functions : Variable formats of document editing functions 
4. Support Netffice24
5. Main additional functions by products
- HWP : View Guideline, Show Grid, Format/Table expand menu, chart, hyperlink, support hwpx 
- HCell : Freeze Panes, Show All Comments, Show Formulas, Hyperlink, Auto filter, Spark lines, Text to Columns/Merge Text
- HShow : Shape / chart / table / figure style diversification, Comment enhancements, Fill Background, Chart layout/Style/title  

■ Main Functions
1.Support variable formats : Read, Edit, Control 
   * Supporting Format
  - HWP : .hwp, .hwpx, .hwt
  - Word : .doc, docx, .dot, .dotx 
  - Spreadsheet : .cell, .nxl, .csv, .xls, xlsx, xlsm
  - Presentation : .show, .ppt, .pptx
  - Etc. : .pdf, .txt

2. Able to make/edit the chart/diagram/picture with variable format/style/image easily.

3. Directly, user can send the document by e-mail and save the document in many formats and print-out

4. Easy and multiple synchronization
  - thinkfree online, Dropbox, webDAV, FTP Server function supported(Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc.)
  - Copy function by  iTunes (Mac/PC)

5. Additional features
  - File Manager
  - Support Bluetooth keyboard

■ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add the fonts?
- Put the fonts to the Fonts folder by iTunes or Web Folder.
The further information can be found in the [How to use the edit function]

2. When the fonts not in the device?
- If a font used in an original document is not resident within Hancom Office Mobile, such font will be substituted with other available font. In this case, the font displayed on Hancom Office Mobile may be different from the actual font.

3. Dropbox account management
- Due to changes of its account management method, Dropbox now allows to use only one account at a time.
- Note that you can still use the service by logging in with a different account.

*For the better service of ucloud, it is temporarily stopped by  March.12.2014*

■ Hancom Office can access the following on your device.
Device Information
 - Used to send user's device information 
Account Information
 - Used to access the cloud service 

 - Used to insert photos 
 - Used to insert or send photos after taking them

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