Brain and Nervous Anatomy Atlas: Essential Reference for Students and Healthcare Professionals

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by Hadi Yazdi
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App description:

Brain and Nervous Anatomy Atlas is a quick visual reference on nervous system anatomy, physiology, and common pathologies. This iPhone/iPad app includes hundreds of 3D models, animations, and illustrations.

This app is ideal for professional reference and as a tool for patient education on topics including the central nervous system, somatic nerves, brain, muscle contraction, vision, and hearing.

Content in this app includes:
(1) Animations and illustrations.
(2) Dozens of 3D models of nervous structures, along with a limited number of models from other body systems.
(3) Definitions and pronunciations for over 1,000 anatomical structures of the nervous system.
(4) Descriptions of more than 25 common diseases.

What you can do with this app:
(1) See structures of the nervous system in 3D. Study any structure’s name and pronunciation, or read about its function and common diseases.
(2) Quick access to 24 preset views. Customize these views by adding or dissecting any nervous structures. Save or share views.
(3) Test your knowledge: Take quizzes with over 100 quiz questions that review nervous structures.

Here is a list of all the content in Brain and Nervous Anatomy Atlas:

Somatic Reflex arc
Somatic and Autonomic Functions
Skeletal Muscle Contractions
Muscle Contraction action potential

Functional regions
Neuron Structure
Somatic sensory and motor pathways
Sympathetic nervous system
Parasympathetic nervous system

3D Nervous system Structures:
Over 1,000 structures including
Cerebrum (telencephalon)
Limbic system
Spinal cord
Cranial nerves (CN01-CN12)
Cervical nerves (C1-C6)
Thoracic nerves (T1-T12)
Lumbar Plexus (L1- L5)
Sacral Plexus (S1-S4)
Brachial plexus
Celiac plexus
Superior mesenteric plexus
Inferior mesenteric plexus
Hypogastric plexus
Cardiac plexus
Sympathetic chain
Cervical sympathetic

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