CallNow - Shortcuts with photos on your home screen for dialing your contacts quickly

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App description:

Create shortcuts with photos on your home screen for dialing your contacts quickly.

CallNow enables you to create visual shortcuts on your home screen for dialing your friends quickly, without having to open the Phone application or browsing through many other contacts for finding the one you want to call.

With CallNow, you can;
● create as many shortcuts as you want.
● choose phone numbers from your iPhone contacts or type them by hand.
● choose the shortcut icon from CallNow icon library or use a photo as the shortcut icon.
● take a new photo, choose a photo from the iPhone photo library, import a contact photo from the Contacts app or import profile photos of your friends from Facebook and use it as the shortcut icon.

For creating Text(SMS) and Email shortcuts: 
CallNow Plus -
TextNow -

- Your phone numbers are NEVER stored to somewhere, they are just used for creating the shortcuts on your iPhone.
- You need an active internet connection while creating the shortcuts. However, you can use the shortcuts you have created without an internet connection. You only need to be online while creating a new shortcut. 
- For using speed dial shortcuts your device needs to be an iPhone. This app is useless for iPod Touch and iPad devices since they do not have phone functionality.

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