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by Alireza Montazery
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"Quicker than using the tables"
"A must have for an actuarial student"
"The graphing option is extremely useful"

Over 3,900 downloads across iOS and Android worldwide!

Apptuary is THE app to have if you're an Actuarial student or a qualified Actuary - PARTICULARLY if you're tired of looking up values in tables of figures.

Apptuary is the ONLY actuarial app to feature downloadable Life Tables, and makes life-contingent annuity, compound-interest, option and statistical calculations fast and easy.

Apptuary can calculate:

• Values for life contingent annuities and assurances for single and joint lives, for any combination of interest rate and term.

• The values of all of the first and second order Greeks, using the Black-Scholes model of option prices.

• Values for annuities-certain for:
- any interest rate
- any number of payment years (including infinite)
- any number of payments per year (including continuous)
- any deferral period.

• Cumulative probabilities for a number of discrete and continuous statistical distributions, as well as values for the inverses of those cumulative distributions:
- Binomial
- Bernoulli
- Poisson
- Negative Binomial (Type I)
- Negative Binomial (Type II)
- Geometric
- Uniform (Discrete version)
- Standard Normal
- Normal (Gaussian)
- Exponential
- Gamma
- Chi-square
- Uniform (Continuous version)
- Lognormal
- Pareto (Two-parameter version)
- Weibull
- Burr

• The means and variances for the above distributions PLUS the following:
- Beta
- Pareto (Three parameter version)

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