Peekaboo! Guess Who? Lite - cognitive development app for babies through kindergarten

Platform: iPhone & iPad

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Version: 4.5

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"I recommend it highly for the smallest of iPad users." with enough variety in the graphics and sound to keep kids coming back.-  TUAW

Great Peekaboo game. Very easy and intuitive! 
7 additional fun games.

What goes CLUCK-CLUCK, and MOOO, and is brand new for iPad!? " Peekaboo! Guess Who? " that's what! The fun, intuitive game that gets kids excited about learning their favorite animals and the sounds they make. 

Hop on down to the farm and try to guess who is making sounds inside the  barn! Is it Clucky the Chicken? Bessie the Cow? or Mikey the Goat?

Then discover three other levels, in the full version, including going under the sea in our ocean level, taking a trip to the silly circus, or even exploring the Amazon in our jumpin' jungle.

Amazing animal sounds - Great educational experience for children to learn about different animals, and the real sounds they make.

Intuitive and very easy to use

Full Version includes:
More than 40 different fully animated animals with sounds
4 Fun levels – Farm, Ocean, Jungle, and the Circus
Kids mode – Listen to the animal sound and guess who made that sound?
‘2+’ mode for younger children, so they get a hint of who’s coming
Bacciz Assistant will guide the child so they learn the game without getting frustrated. Help is provided automatically while the child gains confidence and learns
Fun music

Designed by teachers and special education advisers.

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