Birthday Reminders! - Birthday Wishes, MyCalendar With Facebook and Contact Birthday Calendar

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App description:

Did you ever always forgot your families or friends' birthday?Just take easy, birthday reminder is the app that will help you out. You can easily to add a contract or sync your friends birthday from Contact book or Facebook. All of things we have done, just care about all of coming reminders. You can easily set pre-time of a reminder, you can prepare a present for your family or friend. 
You will get all of friends' birthday from Facebook or Contact book just one click.For each friend, you can choose whether to notify, alert sound and pre-time. 
After getting an alert of birthday reminder, you can send him/her a birthday card from app via email or post to his/her Facebook wall, or SMS, and you can share your thoughts to Facebook, Twitter also. 

- Import data from Facebook and contact 
■ You can import all your friends and family's birthdays from Facebook and local Contact app, don't need input one by one 
- Setting for each Contact 
■ You can enable or disable notification for each contact. 
■ Configure the sound, alert time and pre-time for each contact. 
- Add birthday 
■ Add a birthday by yourself if you wanted 
- Reminder date 
■ You can configure the reminder date on the date of birthday or 1, 2, 3 days before, notify time up to you. 
- Alert sound 
■ There will be many special sounds you can select as the remind sound. 
- Happy birthday 
■ Send a celebrate email or phone call if you wanted. 
■ Send a birthday card through email. 
■ Send a birthday card and say your greeting to his/her Facebook wall. 
■ Send greeting via MMS 
■ Share it through Facebook, Twitter. 
- Many and better birthday cards 
■ Include 35 full size(HD) birthday cards. 
- Notify like calendar, no need to open app 
■ We use iOS4's new feature "Local notification" to implement all of push function, so that have perfect performance, you will received alert even app is closed. 
- Remind or not up to you 
■ You can open or close push function. when you close push notification, you will not receive any birthday notification until you open again. 
- Quick to delete contact 

I have experienced many birthday alert applications, but I found sometimes I can't receive notification or not very smart and easy to use. 

This application is not only simple but also useful and powerful, you needn't launch application except you want to add a friend's birthday or send birthday card. 
Let's enjoy it. 

We will keep update from time to time, and give you a better birthday reminder application. 
We hope you can give me any suggestions, comments and questions. we'd like to hear from you.

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