Tech iView - C# .NET Interview Questions and Answers

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With over 900 C# .NET interview questions and answers, Tech iView could possibly become the most important app you’ve ever purchased for your iPhone or iPob Touch.

In a tough economy and a competitive job climate, you need every advantage you can get. If you are a C# software developer, Tech iView is the answer.

This app helps you study and memorize questions and answers anywhere you are able to use and listen to your iPhone or iPob Touch. The base product comes with over 900 C# .NET questions and answers in 21 categories.

By using the Memorize mode Tech iView will surely help you pass your technical interviews and/or increase your expert knowledge. That is by far the first and most important step to getting your next job if you are looking. It is also a great way to improve your knowledge and performance in your current job.


•High quality text-to-speech will speak the questions and answers clearly.
•Memorize interview questions and answers anywhere you can listen to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
•Play your favorite music in the background while you feed your brain with critical knowledge.
•Study while jogging, working out in the gym, at work, or while commuting. Try doing that with a textbook.
•Add, edit, delete your own topics, categories, and questions and answers.
•Search feature 
•Favorites feature 
•Associate photos with categories and questions, to help remember and recall answers 
•No Internet connection required.
•Memorization mode now works when the app is running in the background. So you can now use most other apps, including games while you continue to listen to Tech iView to memorize questions and answers. Please note that while running in the background, the operating system may stop the audio if it needs to do so for some reason. If this happens, just go back to the app and it will continue playing automatically again.

Categories include:
   1. Keywords
   2. Fundamentals
   3. Classes
   4. Exception Handling
   5. Interfaces
   6. Collections and Generics
   7. C# 2008 Language Features
   8. .NET Assemblies
   9. Processes, AppDomains, and Object Contexts
  10. Delegates and Events
  11. Multi Threading
  12. Data Binding
  13. Garbage Collection
  14. Reflection, Late Binding, and Attribute-Based Programming
  15. File I/O and Isolated Storage
  16. Object Serialization
  17. Windows Forms
  18. XAML
  19. WPF Basics
  20. WPF Controls
  21. WPF 2D Graphics, Resources, & Themes

Employers will surely use this product to test your depth of knowledge. So get it now and start changing your life today.

Additional content will be available for purchase in future versions of the app.

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