Smart Food & Weight Calculator

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Easiest to use smart food score calculator , weight loss tracker , meal planner and more in one app !
Included in our app:
- Calculator for smart food score, old food score , BMI and more
- Meal Planner for your daily and weekly smart food score consumption ( our app will calculate available food score and track how much was consumed and how much is available to consume)
- Easy to use Weight Tracker chart
- Exercise Tracker (create your own exercise and track it)
- Log your food items in a diary (your logged items will create your own database, no existing database is included ), track it and see how much more you can consume for the rest of the day and week
- Includes BMI calculators for both : metric and imperial ways to calculate BMI
App memorizes your created food items, so no need to create it every time- just select it from My Foods to log every time you consume it

Boost your weight loss with our easy to use calculator and meal planner app !

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