Retail Inventory Manager-Inventory tracking,Orders

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Finance

Version: 1.7

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App description:

Retail Inventory Manager - is a simple and practical inventory management App! Set inventory management, sales management, procurement management in one. iPhone & iPad common version, through iCloud in different devices to access the same information.

Main Features:
【Product List】
Detail the latest inventory and amount of all current products. A look at the existing product inventory, purchase price, sales price, product images, product model / specifications.

【Order Overview】
- Select date view (day / date range / month / year) Order details and total profit, total sales, total purchase amount;
- Display order type, order date, product name, product model, product price, product quantity, supplier, customer, etc.
- Order information forgotten? You can always fill, you can also modify the information.

【Product statistics】
The total amount of purchases and sales per month per month, and presented in a graphical manner. One can see what products to sell up to sell the best!

【Profit statistics】
Displays the quantity, amount, and profit of the product in the (day / date range / month / year).

【Suppliers & Customers】
Add / Modify / Delete / Select Suppliers & Customers.

【Important data protection】
- Touch ID, password protection.
- iCloud Sync & Backup. In addition to avoiding the loss of information, you can also access the same information between different devices.
- CSV format to export information, all the contents of the full data can be exported to facilitate the user to sort out the data.

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