Follow Me - Analyze Unfollow & Likes for Instagram

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Powerful followers analysis tool for Instagram. Track lost followers and new followers in real time. Get a comprehensive analytics of your Instagram account and posts performance.

***You can get analytics reports:

How many new followers you have got?
Who blocked you? Who is ghost follower?
Who you might be interested in?
Who you liked but not following?
Who is the first one that follow you?
Who is the user you may like?
Who use the same tags with u?
Who follow you and you also follow him/him?
Which post get most likes and comments?
Which video get most views?
Which is the most popular media?
Which hashtag is most useful?
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No Subscriptions in this app, get all the analytics on demand. 
Disclaimer: This app and its maker are not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by Instagram, Inc.

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