SuperDic Offline Dictionary & Camera Translate

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Version: 1.02

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App description:

SuperDic is an offline dictionary, translation application in 100 languages.
Recognize characters and translate long texts with 27 built-in dictionary search photos and voice.

It is essential when traveling, when studying abroad, when translating printed materials!

- Pre-search without internet connection
- You can listen to words and sentences (TTS)
- Automatically input words such as books or pdf prints by taking pictures (OCR)
- Supports various languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Dutch.
- The words you searched for or translated sentences are organized into a vocabulary.
- You can input and listen to various languages ​​by voice.

English Chinese Japanese has more than 100 basic languages.
Text translation is supported in 100 languages, voice and photo translation in 58 languages.

When you take a picture of a text and the text is recognized, it is immediately translated
Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.

It recognizes characters faster than any other product and is faster!
More than 100 languages ​​are supported.

OCR Optical character reading function
- When you take a document, it converts it into editable text
- Just take pictures with your business cards, receipts, books, magazines, street signs, and so on.

Voice and photo recognition language
Thai (Thailand) Catalan (Spain) French (Belgium) German (Switzerland) Slovak (Slovak) English (South Africa) Spanish (Chile) Chinese (China) Chinese (Taiwan) Danish (Danish) Greek (Greek) Hebrew (Brazil) English (United Arab Emirates) Portuguese (Portugal) French (Switzerland) Romanian (Romania) Vietnamese (Vietnamese) English (Saudi Arabia) Polish (Polish) Spanish (USA) English (Singapore) Turkish (Turkey) Croatian (Republic of Korea) Ukrainian (Ukrainian) Italian (Switzerland) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Indonesian (Indonesia) English (India) Spanish (Spain) German (Austria) English (Ireland) Czech (Czech) Spanish (Colombian) Chinese Special Administrative Region]) Swedish (Sweden) English (Philippines) English (Indonesia) English ( Canada) Dutch (Netherlands) Cantonese (Chinese) English (New Zealand) English (UK) Japanese (Japan) Italian (Italy) Russian (Russia) English (US) Malay (Malaysia) Spanish (Mexico) Hungarian (Hungary) German (Germany) French (France) Finnish (Finland) Norwegian (Bokh) (Norwegian) Dutch (Belgium) English (Australia)

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