3Seconds - video diary, every day journal

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Photo & Video

Version: 1.07

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App description:

3Seconds is a video diary app.
If you choose only 3 seconds every day, you can easily make it.

"When memorable moments become unforgettable memories become treasures"

You can combine your daily videos into a life video
You can make a special story video by period.

New Features
- Automatically input time stamp (date of shooting)
- Write daily diary on the video (font, color change, position, rotation function)

You can also record your past videos in your diary
If it's hard, leave one of them a week.
It becomes the best life video of the moment gathered.

You can combine the best moments to create highlights of your life.

When you want to write a diary special
Want to record important moments in your videos
Want to make a travel video
Want to make a growing video for your kids

- Displays the date of the video by month.
- There is an editor that can be easily edited at critical moments
- It combines all videos into one story video.
- Automatically inserts the recording date into the movie.


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