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Finally the Afro-Centric Emojis you've been wanting! Featuring over 60 African inspired emojis! Celebrate your Afro-centric or African culture with Afrikmoji! Brighten up your conversations, with our wonderful emoji designs and share your individuality with your family and friends. Happy AfrikMojing!!

This is truly a Must have app.

With constant updates with more new releases.

If you are experiencing issues/emojis not copying & pasting:
Please be sure that "Full Access" is enabled in your iPhone settings (Setting > Keyboard)
Access must be manually granted after keyboard is added. We DO NOT collect or track any information such as keystrokes or credit card information. We aren't able to view or track what our users type in their keyboard. Allowing full access is simply a technical requirement to be able to paste emojis directly from your keyboard into messaging apps.

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