Order Tracker-Sales Manager & Inventory Taking Now

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Version: 1.3

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App description:

OrderTracker - Your Sales Manager & Inventory Manager

OrderTracker - Keep your inventory organized and available at all times, Store Management System for retailer.

OrderTracker is a system to mange sales for retailers, small business owners, resellers and traders. It automates the following business flow.


• Order Management
- Orders are associated with your customers
- Adding a sales order is fast. Select the products you want to sell to add to the sales list, and click Finish
- When selling a product, you can modify the latest sales price, sales volume
- Add shipment details like shipping address, tracking number, etc.
- Order status: Open, Closed; Shipped, Not shipped
- Orders can be modified & deleted

• Inventory Management
- When you purchase and sell, the product inventory will change, to show you the latest inventory
- You can add, edit product inventory
- Initial product inventory, sales, current inventory at a glance

• Customer Management
- Add customer information manually, or import from Contacts
- Edit the customer's shipping address, contact information, mail, and so on
- Create an order from the customer

• Product Management
- The product has a parent category & subcategory
- Create product with buying and selling price
- Products include purchase price, sales price, model, inventory, pictures, and so on
- Detailed & intuitive product list

• Report & Data
- Quick Search (orders, customers, products, etc.) data
- Calculate Profit and Loss
- Display orders, product sales, payables, receivables, profit, other costs
- Select a different date, you can get detailed report information

- Select a different date to export the CSV data
- Password-protected sales data


More new features are being developed.

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