Saving Money Box 2Pro-Savings Account,Goal Tracker

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Finance

Version: 1.3

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App description:

Saving Money Box - Keep track of your savings and save more !

It tracks your recurring expenses, income and even your stock portfolio to show how much money you have when.

You enter a target amount and an optional target date by which you want to save this amount and the app suggests a savings schedule and tracks your progress. You can have as many separate Savings Goals as you need. 


- Goal remaining days and overdue.
- Colorful icons (will continue to add in the future).
- Set the Goals expiration date.
- You can quickly complete the remaining amount.
- Completed / Uncomplete goal management.

- Intuitive, sleek interface.
- Feature-rich & Easy to use.
- Progress & Goal notifications. 

- Set a savings goal and visually see your progress.
- See your savings history - date, amount, and how you saved.
- Share your success.

- Show your latest (Completed & Uncomplete) savings goals.
- Free Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.
- Unlimited savings goals management, and more features.

========[Pro Version]========
- iCloud Sync.
- CSV Export.
- Secure encrypted data.
- New features in the future.

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