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InvTaking to take stock or keep inventory records on the iPhone.
InvTaking is designed to help retailers track their inventory through the product life cycle. 

It is designed as a lightweight replacement for or a supplement to a high end Point of Sale System. 

-Product Details-
We stay light weight by only including the most necessary data about your inventory. This includes: Date, Category, Name, Model, Code, Quantity,Image and a freeform Notes field for anything else.

Take a picture of the item so you can have a visual overview from the summary screen.
-Customized Quick Filters-
Create Quick Filters to quickly view a specific subset of your inventory that you are interested in, like a particular category or status. Apply these filters easily from the main screen to see what is important to you.
Filter by Data, name, category and/or date.

1. Item list(Parent Category & SubCategory).
2. Inward inventory by product.
3. Outward inventory by product.
4. Reports by product & date.
5. Month chart statistics into the ship.
6. Export your inventory excel.
7. Gesture password protection.
8. Inward( ∑ ) and Outward ( ∑ ).
9. More features are being developed. 

As a seller myself, I use this program and have made it very intuitive and easy to use, while making sure it is very useful.

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