fake location - prank your friend for fake gps fake checkin & fake map

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Category: Social Networking

Version: 3.0

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App description:

Check in any place you want, Hawaii or Bali, trick your friend with this Fake Location app.

#No1 Fake Location, GPS App - simplest fake location just one steps!
You can send image to prank your friends 

Choose your fake location easily, send it to your friends. Check in with Facebook, Foursquare... And of course, the actual location (Real Location) can also be transmitted.

Fake Location Map is easy to use, fast and fun. Explore wonderful possibilities and be anywhere you want using the easy-to-use interface. It takes merely seconds to set your new location.

- Fake your location with just one steps!
- Easy to use and can be done by anyone!
- Can be used to play pranks or as an excuse!
- Post fake check in!

- Set Real Location
- Set Fake Location on device
- Show Location Address 
- Search Location

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