Dab Emoji - Special Dab Emojis & Emoticons Keyboard for iPhone Free

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Utilities

Version: 1.0

Downloads: 608

Price: Free

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App description:

The best collection of DAB Emojis!
Happy dab, angry dab, crazy dab, all dabs that you want can be founded here and only here!
Let's express your emotions by means of Dab Emojis!

-Dab Emojis for conveying different emotions
-Special Emojis you might never see before
-Hundreds of Emoticons available to use
-All newly updated Emojis from Apple iOS 9.3

How To Use
1. Open Settings-General-Keyboard
2. Tap Keyboards-Add New Keyboard
3. Select Dab Emoji Keyboard
4. Allow Full Access

About Allowing Full Access:
Allowing full access does not grant us access to other keyboards that you have except this Dab Emoji keyboard. Full access is necessary for using Dab Emojis, Special Emojis and some other useful features such as editing Emoji Favorites. We do not read, record or transmit anything you type.

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