camera timer! Auto delayed selfie cam release for live camera effects plus insta frames fx

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Version: 5.02

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by JM Bits
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Millions of people are taking selfies every minutes - Now you can take the perfect selfie! 
◆◇◆ Key Features ◆◇◆ 
• Camera Timer (0-10 seconds)
• Edit and Add photo frames.
• Front and Rear Camera View.
• Flash On and Off Mode.
• Countdown.
• Save Images to Camera Roll.
• Pro Full Version.

Selfie cam with self timer camera is an efficient and simple way to automatically set a timer in your phone camera and avoid having to ask others to take your picture. 
Beautiful application design, which makes it simple to preview your favorite images, re-take pictures if needed, change the timer from 0-10 seconds, zoom in or out, flash on / off, front and rear camera view mode.

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