Essential Human Anatomy Atlas 5 : Premium 3d visual guide for skeleton and bones, joints muscles - The complete Health Conditions

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by Ing. Victor Michel Gonzalez Galvan
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Our App Is a better way to understand health and the human body, A great reference, testing and education tool.
Full 3D male & female body with over 11400 structures in each model (male and female) and a remarkable 150,000+ words of anatomical content,
10 visually stunning layers of musculoskeletal, neurovascular & internal organ content.
Human Anatomy 3D is a premium Reference tool for student and medical education. 
It assists the medical, nursing and health care practitioner learn clinically relevant anatomy of the human body for examination, revision and patient education purposes.

* Retina display 3D rotatable images depicting roughly over 11400 anatomical structures.
* Over 150,000 words of detailed anatomical and clinical content.
* Location pins help you isolate and explore any area of interest.
* Fluid and Intuitive 3D navigation.
* Pinch To zoom - zoom into and identify any region or muscle.
* Search using either clinical terms or everyday language and fly to objects within a 3D model.
* Share models in true 3D.
* Toggle labels on and off.
* No need for wi-fi or 3G All content resides in the app.
* 360 horizontal degree rotation of any body part - with a swipe of your finger, easily to switched off.
* 10 layers of superficial and deep muscle.
* Take unlimited screenshot. 
* Draw on any screen image and then share it through email.
* Over 1000 isolated muscles and insertion/origin points.

Additionally, this app is great reference for physicians, educators or professionals, in helping to locate a muscle and / or explain its relevance for certain conditions, ailments and injuries.

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